About Oracle Kalliope

Being a 4th Generation Psychic Medium, Kalliope has been blessed to be guided and supported by her  family where psychic ability is not only accepted, but also embraced.

Named after the Muse of Epic Poetry and being of Greek descent, Kalliope embarked on a family vacation to Greece 1984,  as a tender tween.  It was there when she visited the ancient  site of Delphi that everything changed….she received clarity. Clarity on her life’s purpose, and the direction of her spiritual path. Today she honours this experience by paying homage to the name The Oracle of Delphi as she  moves forward in her souls journey.

She is a Claircognizant with the ability channel messages directly from Spirit. Kalliope was born into a multi generational heritage of psychics that runs both through hers mother’s and fathers ancestral linage. She is a proud, practicing psychic medium and cartomancer who has been channeling messages for three decades now. Her mission is to leave people better than she found them by giving them validating, and life changing messages from beyond the veil.

Currently she is touring North America, and Europe channeling messages and changing lives. If you want to see what she’s up tonext, please check out the EVENTS page.

“Know Thyself”

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Welcome to this great spiral we call life, where there is no beginning and no end. This is the Souls journey to “Know Thyself”

Forever a student of the Universe and BORN TO BE.

Brightest of Blessings!

Oracle Kalliope

The Oracle of Delphi