Let love speak,  If love speaks today what would love say?


Truth….time to be honest with  yourself about your relationship.  Cut through the illusion.

This can refer to yourself or a relationship with another and doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship

When was the last time you truly saw everything for what it is?  Here we are on this great spiral of life learning things about ourselves, enriching others by being in their lives and enriching your own by being honest with yourself.  What happens when we present ourselves in a light that is not conducive to our highest good?

Do you pretend that you have more than you do?  and are constantly finding yourself in hot water when it comes time to pay the bills.  Are you pretending to care when you really don’t?   Are you going through the motions of a loveless relationship because it would be just too hard to be honest with yourself about your true feelings?

All these examples are when you are  avoiding to face the truth about yourself or a situation, and not  honouring YOU by  being not being true to the essence of your spirit.

“What would love say now?”

By practicing and using this question each and everyday, through every thought and action, you will begin to develop and honest and a fruitful relationship with your soul.

So before you think…consider what will love think now?

Before you speak….consider what would love say now?

Before you act….consider what would love do now?

Above all “Know Thy Self”  The Ancient inscription in the pronaos (forecourt) of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi.

Love & Light