Hope, Inspiration and Guidance 3 Card Draw



Hope, what does this truly mean ?  You have the ability to want better, and also do better for yourself.  Follow your dreams even though at this moment you feel stuck, run down, ready to give up, tired and hopeless.  By remembering that it is truly just a moment of your perception that you are the prisoner of your own doing.  That right, of your OWN doing, by remembering  that  you are also the Jailer with the key that can set yourself free is what most of us do not focus our attention on.  Just change the way you see the situation.  Feel the wind on your face, feel the pain inside,  feel the hurts, the tears and the fear, feel it all and move on, move on in spite of it all.  You are just stuck in the moment, this moment of pain or fear is caused by you focusing either on the the past or the future, that is what brings on the fear and the pain.  The pain of remembering the past and the fear of the future that is yet to come.  Stop it ! concentrate on the moment of NOW the only legitimate moment.    And chose to be free and live  in the moment of NOW, remember the power of NOW.  Look into the mist see the castle that symbolizes all your hopes and dreams, free yourself take of the blindfold and look to where you want to go and go for it!  Nothing can stop but yourself anything else you think of is just an excuse.



Inspiration, The long and hard road is ahead of you, but you see the path is carved out, many have been by this way and created a way for you.  Sure the burden you bear weighs a ton on your shoulders, but see the blossoms on the branches you carry?  that means that your ideas will bear fruit.  With hard work and perseverance and belief in yourself is the ability you have what it takes to make it.  Keep your eye on the prize, now that you removed your blindfold and the bounds and limitations that you held yourself too.  Now give thanks and be grateful that you are well on your way to achieve your dreams and desires, sure it wont come easy, but nothing that is worth it ever does.




Guidance, your desire/goal is definitely within your reach and capability.  Look to others that have been successful in their efforts.  Battle worn Emperors that have fought hard for what they wanted, looking into the distance we see reasons that were worth  fighting for.    See the beauty and the perfection in the moment, be protective and proud of your new found direction, love or project, and when you need a bit of help don’t be afraid to ask for it don’t forget to call on your Team (Guides and Guardians, Ancestors) too.  Focus you intent, put your self out there.  Great things will happen.