Temptations & Bad Choices

Happy New Year!!!

I had no intentions of posting on this subject matter today, but as I contemplated on the topic I realized it can be applied to any spiritual practice and I was compelled to share.

New Years intentions/resolutions.

Once that clock strikes 12 o’clock and we see that ball drop, we hug and kiss everyone and whisper a resolution to ourselves.  And one of the most common themes is striving for is a healthier lifestyle, have you noticed all the commercials for diets, gadgets, potions, pills and gyms on TV during this month?  This is a thriving billion dollar industry.  Now truth be told, I too made a little New Years pact, with the intention to shed some unwanted pounds this year.  Which comes to the reason of this post.

Last night The Biggest Loser premiered.  Over the years I have watched the show and have gotten absolutely nothing out of it, not one shred of motivation, not one drop of inspiration, just nothing.  In fact it always made me feel worse about myself, and yes I was the one on the couch snacking on junk food while watching a weight loss show.  Hows that for honesty?  Anyways, last night I happen to land on the channel, and while they are doing many different improvements to the show, the one biggest improvement is that Bob Harper a trainer for 16 years on the show is now the host.  Well that changes things, he was the only one who ever stuck a cord with me, He is truly the best thing that ever happened to that show.  He knows how to connect and inspire the contestants to strive for transformation.    He said something last night that triggered a reaction within me.  It was really simple, and you guys know how I love simple.  He said “There is only two things you have to deal with, Temptation and Bad Choices.”

I was reveling in just how simple those two things are, it perfectly sums up my biggest issues and failures with weight loss.  Its not the hours at the gym, or how many books you read, or how many diets you try, or how many affirmations you say, the two things that always bring me down every single time is;

Temptation & Bad Choices

Lets think on that for a moment…  That’s right let it sink in…

The genius part in all this is, it does not only apply to people who struggle with weight, it can apply to any aspect of one’s life, anyone wanting to make a positive change in their life, regardless of the thing that needs changing.   How simple, armed with those two things I can be mindful of the moment when it happens.   I can stop and ask myself; Is this a Temptation? Can I walk away?  Just walk away.  Is this possibly a Bad Choice? can I choose better?    Yes, I can make a better choice.  Those two perfect little statements can knock you back into the reality of the moment,  and we all want to be, mindful of the moment NOW.

We can apply this to any aspect of our lives, times we need to become instantaneously aware of the moment when we are not in accordance with our highest good.  That is how true everlasting change is made.

So, go forth remembering these two things;  Temptation & Bad Choices and have an amazing 2016!