Stormy day, just chopping some onions

As I sit here on my veranda, watching the rain fall in big juicy globs of nourishment for Mother earth and hear the distant roll of thunder brings me to a place within of deep pondering.  What is Meditation and why is it so hard to stick with.  I have come to the understanding that a strict meditation practice is not for all and especially not for me.   I know what you are thinking…. you don’t meditate?  The shock of it all!! Nope I do not.

This is how I see it.  First of all meditation takes much discipline and I never was one for rules.  Another point is its not easy, to sit there focused on whatever I should be focusing on, come on now with our minds operating system is far faster than any computer imaginable, now is it really possible to just shutdown?  Well if you can good for you, but me it becomes pressure thus becoming unenjoyable.  Is that not the opposite of what I am trying to accomplish here?

Now I have to clear something up there is Meditation and Guided Meditation.  I love the guided meditation and do that quite often who dose not love a vacation with gifts of clarification and answers?

I have learned to not be so hard on my self these days when I need a mental vacation “meditation”  I become mindful of the moment, thus becoming mindful meditation.  I just focus on what I am doing and thats it! easy peasy.  So example I am writing this blog now to you all and thats all I am doing just writing, not thinking about I need to get dinner ready, oh I think its time for a manicure.  Nope I am just writing to you.  When I am preparing dinner and chopping up some onions,  I AM JUST CHOPPING THE ONIONS I am taking in the texture, colour, sound, and of course smell and just chopping the onions.  This is mindful meditation, just be mindful of the moment.  I have been doing this for many years now and have only become enriched in so many ways.  I am able to really connect with the moment, myself, and Spirit and that is what Meditation should be about.

I wish you blissful moments

Kalliope ( Kalli)