Full Moon in Scorpio 3:16 pm May 14th 2014

A big Full Moon in Scorpio today and boy will it be emotionally intense!  Dark truthful feelings will surface today challenging you to walk in your truth.

What are your true feelings?  What are the secrets you are keeping?  What lies do you have to expose?  Whats deeper just below the surface?

Relationships are highlighted today.  Today is a day for deep thoughts on what or who do we have to let go of to enable  us to live and be the best version of our selves, who is it holding you back from stepping forward into greatness?  Are we in it with are whole heart or are we not?  Does this person bring out the best in us?  Allowing us to evolve and grow or are they hindering our process?  These are all good questions related to the theme today of this beautiful Moon in Scorpio.

Be careful not to keep yourself so rigid today that keeps you stuck in a place that is emotionally guarded.  With this Full Moon energy it not about making a decision about a relationship it is about uncovering the truth of the relationship.  Its all about taking inventory and seeing what you really have in your life.

The Universe is definitely giving you a direction to follow, it is up to you to allow yourself to feel guided and alined to that greater purpose.  The Universe is offering you this time to be able to heal on many different levels, Emotionally, Physically, and Spiritually just go with the flow and let it happen.

Today we are unveiling, stepping into our truth and allowing our power to elevate us in a position of grace and aligning us with our Souls purpose.

Don’t be afraid to explore your true desires, its time.

As the beautiful Full Moon reveals herself today, what are your going to reveal about yourself?

Todays key words;  Illumination, Expansion, Emotion


Keep shinning!

Brightest Full Moon Blessings