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What would Love say today?

In keeping with the theme of today being February 14th and all, I decided to use this beautiful deck.  This deck is called The Enchanted Tarot by Amy Zerner & Monte Farber.  I remember using this deck quite a lot 24 years ago asking those burning love questions.    So as I remember my youth and time of innocence I share with you this 1 card draw.

What would Love say today?  Success  

This is a joyous celebration of Love.  Young and Old gather around to celebrate what is inside our hearts.  It reminds me of a time of Old Fashioned Love, where love actually had a permeable substance, was deep and pulsating.  This card today is to remind us that we are in charge of the seeds that we sow for our tomorrows.  Love like you have never loved before, let go, trust and let yourself be vulnerable.  Let someone else hold your heart.  Don’t be afraid to love and be loved.


Why is it in today’s society  we expect hardship, divorce, arguments when it comes to love.  This is the norm for a lot of people.  Its a matter of if it will happen its when will it happen.  Just waiting for the other shoe to fall off.  The expectation is that love does not last and it’s suppose to be hard.

Long gone are the days of old fashioned love people shared.  When it would almost be unheard of a kids parents being divorced.  Where couples celebrated their milestone anniversaries of 25 -50 years wed.  When one would have respect and care about the way they spoke to their spouses.  The days when couples planned to make big purchases in their lives, and really struggled to pay off their homes, or go on that dream vacation.   When couples trusted each other and had transparency in their relationship.    When there would be a home cooked meal waiting on the table.  A shoveled driveway, the light left on outside for you.  The times when couples would sit in the same room and enjoy each others company and talk and watch a bit of television.  Where going out for dinner was always a special occasion or a celebration.  When the simplest of gestures or presents would be appreciated like it was the finest Cartier diamond.   When a relationship or marriage was cherished and sacred.  When they were grateful for having each other in their lives, when disagreement were just that disagreements, and where there was always love and forgiveness.

Now in today’s fast paced world of constantly being available, thanks to electronic handcuffs we all have.  In this day of instant gratification where very little takes effort to acquire ones hearts desire thanks to credit cards and ridiculously low borrowing rates.  Where husbands or wives become interchangeable as the latest version of the iPhone.  When we measure the worth of our relationship against the latest installment of the bachelor/bachelorette.   Where you can look across the dinner table or in family rooms oops my mistake “the Great Rooms” across the country and see husbands, wives and kids with there heads bent focused on their friends latest tweet, or Facebook update.  Where conversation and making plans has become scare as the good old land line. Where respect is given because of what and I going to get in return.  Where everything has to be 50/50 and no one is willing to go the little bit of extra.  And commitment is celebrated by reaching that 10 year eternity band milestone, of look at us…we made it!

This being said,  I know this is a general statement and some couples manage to stay together and celebrate those amazing milestones of 25 years and up.  I also know that sometimes its impossible to stay together for reasons being of the of the most serious of nature.  With that said  I think all of us could use a little bit of old fashioned loving.


Happy Valentines Day!




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Let love speak,  If love speaks today what would love say?


Truth….time to be honest with  yourself about your relationship.  Cut through the illusion.

This can refer to yourself or a relationship with another and doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship

When was the last time you truly saw everything for what it is?  Here we are on this great spiral of life learning things about ourselves, enriching others by being in their lives and enriching your own by being honest with yourself.  What happens when we present ourselves in a light that is not conducive to our highest good?

Do you pretend that you have more than you do?  and are constantly finding yourself in hot water when it comes time to pay the bills.  Are you pretending to care when you really don’t?   Are you going through the motions of a loveless relationship because it would be just too hard to be honest with yourself about your true feelings?

All these examples are when you are  avoiding to face the truth about yourself or a situation, and not  honouring YOU by  being not being true to the essence of your spirit.

“What would love say now?”

By practicing and using this question each and everyday, through every thought and action, you will begin to develop and honest and a fruitful relationship with your soul.

So before you think…consider what will love think now?

Before you speak….consider what would love say now?

Before you act….consider what would love do now?

Above all “Know Thy Self”  The Ancient inscription in the pronaos (forecourt) of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi.

Love & Light



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Hope, Inspiration and Guidance 3 Card Draw



Hope, what does this truly mean ?  You have the ability to want better, and also do better for yourself.  Follow your dreams even though at this moment you feel stuck, run down, ready to give up, tired and hopeless.  By remembering that it is truly just a moment of your perception that you are the prisoner of your own doing.  That right, of your OWN doing, by remembering  that  you are also the Jailer with the key that can set yourself free is what most of us do not focus our attention on.  Just change the way you see the situation.  Feel the wind on your face, feel the pain inside,  feel the hurts, the tears and the fear, feel it all and move on, move on in spite of it all.  You are just stuck in the moment, this moment of pain or fear is caused by you focusing either on the the past or the future, that is what brings on the fear and the pain.  The pain of remembering the past and the fear of the future that is yet to come.  Stop it ! concentrate on the moment of NOW the only legitimate moment.    And chose to be free and live  in the moment of NOW, remember the power of NOW.  Look into the mist see the castle that symbolizes all your hopes and dreams, free yourself take of the blindfold and look to where you want to go and go for it!  Nothing can stop but yourself anything else you think of is just an excuse.



Inspiration, The long and hard road is ahead of you, but you see the path is carved out, many have been by this way and created a way for you.  Sure the burden you bear weighs a ton on your shoulders, but see the blossoms on the branches you carry?  that means that your ideas will bear fruit.  With hard work and perseverance and belief in yourself is the ability you have what it takes to make it.  Keep your eye on the prize, now that you removed your blindfold and the bounds and limitations that you held yourself too.  Now give thanks and be grateful that you are well on your way to achieve your dreams and desires, sure it wont come easy, but nothing that is worth it ever does.




Guidance, your desire/goal is definitely within your reach and capability.  Look to others that have been successful in their efforts.  Battle worn Emperors that have fought hard for what they wanted, looking into the distance we see reasons that were worth  fighting for.    See the beauty and the perfection in the moment, be protective and proud of your new found direction, love or project, and when you need a bit of help don’t be afraid to ask for it don’t forget to call on your Team (Guides and Guardians, Ancestors) too.  Focus you intent, put your self out there.  Great things will happen.

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Blessings of the Gods, blessings of the Ancestors, Blessings of the Elements

Welcome, come in and stay awhile.   Today I am guided to offer you a gift.  I will be throwing a  3 card spread using the Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan, cards illustrated by Mark Evans just for you.

Three of Swords

As this, all things shall pass

I know dear heart that this of most recent times has been hard for you, thoughts of sadness and sorrow preoccupy your daily thoughts of late  and feelings of being alone, that no one out there actually knows the degree of suffering that you have been feeling.  I would like to remind you that once you truly feel the emotions, question how you feel and why you feel this is when you can truly understand, heal and move on.  There is no sense to dwell in this  state of apathy as it does a disservice to your being and the souls you connect with  in your daily mundane dalliances that prevents you from learning and moving on.  Take what you know,  keep what serves you and cut away what does not.  Look to the horizon for new beginnings and blessings that will come to you in threes.  Love, Live, Laugh.


Queen of Wands

Let the passion bubble up from within

Remember who you are… inside in your very core burns a fire a passion just waiting to be given some attention so it can bubble forth and burn away all that does not serve you anymore or define who you truly are.  Hold your head up high and feel the strength that is in your genes, your DNA the parts of you that makes up who you are, but even more important look to the spaces in between that define that parts that you do no see but feel,  your  SPIRIT.  Allow the fires  to ignite and burn,  char and churn until nothing is left but a clean slate to begin anew.  This is your time, use it wisely and do not waste another moment of giving over your power to those who are not deserving.  You will connect and come across some photos of loved ones that have crossed over, know when you gaze into their eyes (windows of the soul) that you are sharing an ACTUAL  moment.  This is the power of love that burns deeply and eternally.  Love is the highest vibration of all.   Once preconceived barriers have burned away leaving you fresh and new to create from the seat of your soul you will be more open to receive every blessing and gift you desire as the ancestors watch over you gently guide  on the  well worn path that was walked may times before.


Knight of Swords

The winds of change are approaching

Here comes the Knight of Swords blessings of the element of Air.  The winds of change are upon you budding and blustering on the threshold of your desire.  Behind you leave the warmth of a comfortable place of knowing and are being tossed headlong into the present  moment of  NOW.  This  is the eternal place where creation is,  where change is,  the only constant in your earthly experience.  Once you accept this and stop fighting against the winds of change you can truly allow yourself to be swept away and transformed once again.  What do you want to bring into your life?  What do you need to bless, say goodbye to and let go?  Here marks the time for a powerful transformation.  Take the chance, take a deep breath and throw yourself headlong into the wind,  ride the blissful air currents,  soar high like the Red Tail Hawk and enjoy blissful  ride.  Look for a message that will come into your life via (text, phone, email) sparking a reaction.


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