The Oracle of Delphi

The Oracle of Delphi

Know Thy Self

Know Thyself-Oracle Kalliope

“Know Thyself”  Is the one of the inscriptions at The Oracle of Delphi sacred site in Greece. This is something I personally am very passionate and speak often about.  After Visiting The Oracle of Delphi in 1984, it has left such a profound impression.  It became the single most important event that took place causing my life to forever change.

Feeling so strongly about this inscription “Know Thyself” is why it  is my personal motto, these are the very words I dedicate this lifetime to. Discovering Who I Am, is the very reason that I am able to channel messages so clearly, precisely and accurately from Spirit. Because I can discern what is coming form me (The Ego) or from Spirit, this is what led to my success, and makes me stand out in my craft.

I am so blessed meet so many of you beautiful spirits, both here and just beyond the veil.  Being a Channel, I delight in providing validating messages from Spirit, and re-connecting you with your loved ones. Looking so forward to seeing you all again in 2019. It is my loyal, faithful clients that continuously validate my souls purpose that keeps me inspired to be of service.

Check out my Events page to see when I will be making an appearance in a city near you.  Don’t forget to advance book your spots, because spaces are limited.

These pages as all my sessions will be spirit led, when and how frequently I share my musings with you all is completely dictated by Spirit. I believe in life, things should just flow from inspiration and never forced.

So, stop by often and check in, you never know what might pop up it.  I trust that it most likely will be exactly what you needed to hear.

Please join me on this amazing journey, this spiral we call life so you can too begin to “Know Thyself” so you can also live your very best amazing life!

Forever Grateful

Oracle Kalliope