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Toronto’s Biggest and Best Psychic Fair 2016

I have a jam packed weekend coming up.  Come and drop by to visit me at my 3rd annual Toronto show at;


April 22nd, 23rd, and 24th 2016

Exhibition Place, Queen Elizabeth Building

100 Princes’ Blvd., Toronto, ON

Friday April 22nd 4:00pm -9:00pm  Saturday April 23rd 10:00am to 9:00pm and Sunday April 24th 10:00am to 6:00pm

Please click on this link to receive $5.00 off admission Compliments of The Oracle of Delphi Booth #114

Brightest Blessings



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Temptations & Bad Choices

Happy New Year!!!

I had no intentions of posting on this subject matter today, but as I contemplated on the topic I realized it can be applied to any spiritual practice and I was compelled to share.

New Years intentions/resolutions.

Once that clock strikes 12 o’clock and we see that ball drop, we hug and kiss everyone and whisper a resolution to ourselves.  And one of the most common themes is striving for is a healthier lifestyle, have you noticed all the commercials for diets, gadgets, potions, pills and gyms on TV during this month?  This is a thriving billion dollar industry.  Now truth be told, I too made a little New Years pact, with the intention to shed some unwanted pounds this year.  Which comes to the reason of this post.

Last night The Biggest Loser premiered.  Over the years I have watched the show and have gotten absolutely nothing out of it, not one shred of motivation, not one drop of inspiration, just nothing.  In fact it always made me feel worse about myself, and yes I was the one on the couch snacking on junk food while watching a weight loss show.  Hows that for honesty?  Anyways, last night I happen to land on the channel, and while they are doing many different improvements to the show, the one biggest improvement is that Bob Harper a trainer for 16 years on the show is now the host.  Well that changes things, he was the only one who ever stuck a cord with me, He is truly the best thing that ever happened to that show.  He knows how to connect and inspire the contestants to strive for transformation.    He said something last night that triggered a reaction within me.  It was really simple, and you guys know how I love simple.  He said “There is only two things you have to deal with, Temptation and Bad Choices.”

I was reveling in just how simple those two things are, it perfectly sums up my biggest issues and failures with weight loss.  Its not the hours at the gym, or how many books you read, or how many diets you try, or how many affirmations you say, the two things that always bring me down every single time is;

Temptation & Bad Choices

Lets think on that for a moment…  That’s right let it sink in…

The genius part in all this is, it does not only apply to people who struggle with weight, it can apply to any aspect of one’s life, anyone wanting to make a positive change in their life, regardless of the thing that needs changing.   How simple, armed with those two things I can be mindful of the moment when it happens.   I can stop and ask myself; Is this a Temptation? Can I walk away?  Just walk away.  Is this possibly a Bad Choice? can I choose better?    Yes, I can make a better choice.  Those two perfect little statements can knock you back into the reality of the moment,  and we all want to be, mindful of the moment NOW.

We can apply this to any aspect of our lives, times we need to become instantaneously aware of the moment when we are not in accordance with our highest good.  That is how true everlasting change is made.

So, go forth remembering these two things;  Temptation & Bad Choices and have an amazing 2016!



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Stormy day, just chopping some onions

As I sit here on my veranda, watching the rain fall in big juicy globs of nourishment for Mother earth and hear the distant roll of thunder brings me to a place within of deep pondering.  What is Meditation and why is it so hard to stick with.  I have come to the understanding that a strict meditation practice is not for all and especially not for me.   I know what you are thinking…. you don’t meditate?  The shock of it all!! Nope I do not.

This is how I see it.  First of all meditation takes much discipline and I never was one for rules.  Another point is its not easy, to sit there focused on whatever I should be focusing on, come on now with our minds operating system is far faster than any computer imaginable, now is it really possible to just shutdown?  Well if you can good for you, but me it becomes pressure thus becoming unenjoyable.  Is that not the opposite of what I am trying to accomplish here?

Now I have to clear something up there is Meditation and Guided Meditation.  I love the guided meditation and do that quite often who dose not love a vacation with gifts of clarification and answers?

I have learned to not be so hard on my self these days when I need a mental vacation “meditation”  I become mindful of the moment, thus becoming mindful meditation.  I just focus on what I am doing and thats it! easy peasy.  So example I am writing this blog now to you all and thats all I am doing just writing, not thinking about I need to get dinner ready, oh I think its time for a manicure.  Nope I am just writing to you.  When I am preparing dinner and chopping up some onions,  I AM JUST CHOPPING THE ONIONS I am taking in the texture, colour, sound, and of course smell and just chopping the onions.  This is mindful meditation, just be mindful of the moment.  I have been doing this for many years now and have only become enriched in so many ways.  I am able to really connect with the moment, myself, and Spirit and that is what Meditation should be about.

I wish you blissful moments

Kalliope ( Kalli)

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Intense Energy this weekend May 16th-18th 2014

A lot of energy is stirring this weekend.  This is the build up leading to the climax of Mars going direct on Monday May 19th 2014 here in Canada its holiday Monday called Victoria Day to honour Queen Victoria.  On Monday its very fitting that we will be setting off fireworks!  That’s what the energy will feel like when Mars (The God of War) goes direct and we will burst forth with an explosive raw energy.

This weekend is preparing us for by stirring and awakening us,  a lot of positive things will begin to happen great awakenings, this is the planning stage where it would be a good time to think things out.  

As far as relationships go we will want to speak our truths get things off our chests and say goodbye to situations that do not serve us any more.  Its all a build up to Monday, when we will encounter very raw masculine energy that will be exciting, climactic and intense.   

In business this is the time to make plans and designs as to how will we get from here to the direction we want to head.  Harnessing all that explosive energy will do wonders to surging you forward on your chosen path.

It would be a great time to plan a party or festivities expect to have a great time with all that excitement coursing through your veins.

Stay focused, stay on course keep planning and surging forward stepping into your truth by exploring your emotions and what makes you feel good!


Have a great long weekend!


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Full Moon in Scorpio 3:16 pm May 14th 2014

A big Full Moon in Scorpio today and boy will it be emotionally intense!  Dark truthful feelings will surface today challenging you to walk in your truth.

What are your true feelings?  What are the secrets you are keeping?  What lies do you have to expose?  Whats deeper just below the surface?

Relationships are highlighted today.  Today is a day for deep thoughts on what or who do we have to let go of to enable  us to live and be the best version of our selves, who is it holding you back from stepping forward into greatness?  Are we in it with are whole heart or are we not?  Does this person bring out the best in us?  Allowing us to evolve and grow or are they hindering our process?  These are all good questions related to the theme today of this beautiful Moon in Scorpio.

Be careful not to keep yourself so rigid today that keeps you stuck in a place that is emotionally guarded.  With this Full Moon energy it not about making a decision about a relationship it is about uncovering the truth of the relationship.  Its all about taking inventory and seeing what you really have in your life.

The Universe is definitely giving you a direction to follow, it is up to you to allow yourself to feel guided and alined to that greater purpose.  The Universe is offering you this time to be able to heal on many different levels, Emotionally, Physically, and Spiritually just go with the flow and let it happen.

Today we are unveiling, stepping into our truth and allowing our power to elevate us in a position of grace and aligning us with our Souls purpose.

Don’t be afraid to explore your true desires, its time.

As the beautiful Full Moon reveals herself today, what are your going to reveal about yourself?

Todays key words;  Illumination, Expansion, Emotion


Keep shinning!

Brightest Full Moon Blessings


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Toronto Biggest and Best Psychic Fair Spring 2016

I have a jam packed weekend coming up.  Come and drop by to visit me at my 3rd annual Toronto show at;


April 22nd, 23rd, and 24th 2016

Exhibition Place, Queen Elizabeth Building

100 Princes’ Blvd., Toronto, ON

Friday April 22nd 4:00pm -9:00pm  Saturday April 23rd 10:00am to 9:00pm and Sunday April 24th 10:00am to 6:00pm

Please click on this link to receive $5.00 off admission Compliments of The Oracle of Delphi Booth #114

Brightest Blessings



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Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards

Feeling guided to pull a card from my Oracle Deck.
Here it is

The Oracle speaks....

The Love you have shared is eternal, regardless of the situation

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What would Love say today?

In keeping with the theme of today being February 14th and all, I decided to use this beautiful deck.  This deck is called The Enchanted Tarot by Amy Zerner & Monte Farber.  I remember using this deck quite a lot 24 years ago asking those burning love questions.    So as I remember my youth and time of innocence I share with you this 1 card draw.

What would Love say today?  Success  

This is a joyous celebration of Love.  Young and Old gather around to celebrate what is inside our hearts.  It reminds me of a time of Old Fashioned Love, where love actually had a permeable substance, was deep and pulsating.  This card today is to remind us that we are in charge of the seeds that we sow for our tomorrows.  Love like you have never loved before, let go, trust and let yourself be vulnerable.  Let someone else hold your heart.  Don’t be afraid to love and be loved.


Why is it in today’s society  we expect hardship, divorce, arguments when it comes to love.  This is the norm for a lot of people.  Its a matter of if it will happen its when will it happen.  Just waiting for the other shoe to fall off.  The expectation is that love does not last and it’s suppose to be hard.

Long gone are the days of old fashioned love people shared.  When it would almost be unheard of a kids parents being divorced.  Where couples celebrated their milestone anniversaries of 25 -50 years wed.  When one would have respect and care about the way they spoke to their spouses.  The days when couples planned to make big purchases in their lives, and really struggled to pay off their homes, or go on that dream vacation.   When couples trusted each other and had transparency in their relationship.    When there would be a home cooked meal waiting on the table.  A shoveled driveway, the light left on outside for you.  The times when couples would sit in the same room and enjoy each others company and talk and watch a bit of television.  Where going out for dinner was always a special occasion or a celebration.  When the simplest of gestures or presents would be appreciated like it was the finest Cartier diamond.   When a relationship or marriage was cherished and sacred.  When they were grateful for having each other in their lives, when disagreement were just that disagreements, and where there was always love and forgiveness.

Now in today’s fast paced world of constantly being available, thanks to electronic handcuffs we all have.  In this day of instant gratification where very little takes effort to acquire ones hearts desire thanks to credit cards and ridiculously low borrowing rates.  Where husbands or wives become interchangeable as the latest version of the iPhone.  When we measure the worth of our relationship against the latest installment of the bachelor/bachelorette.   Where you can look across the dinner table or in family rooms oops my mistake “the Great Rooms” across the country and see husbands, wives and kids with there heads bent focused on their friends latest tweet, or Facebook update.  Where conversation and making plans has become scare as the good old land line. Where respect is given because of what and I going to get in return.  Where everything has to be 50/50 and no one is willing to go the little bit of extra.  And commitment is celebrated by reaching that 10 year eternity band milestone, of look at us…we made it!

This being said,  I know this is a general statement and some couples manage to stay together and celebrate those amazing milestones of 25 years and up.  I also know that sometimes its impossible to stay together for reasons being of the of the most serious of nature.  With that said  I think all of us could use a little bit of old fashioned loving.


Happy Valentines Day!




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Let love speak,  If love speaks today what would love say?


Truth….time to be honest with  yourself about your relationship.  Cut through the illusion.

This can refer to yourself or a relationship with another and doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship

When was the last time you truly saw everything for what it is?  Here we are on this great spiral of life learning things about ourselves, enriching others by being in their lives and enriching your own by being honest with yourself.  What happens when we present ourselves in a light that is not conducive to our highest good?

Do you pretend that you have more than you do?  and are constantly finding yourself in hot water when it comes time to pay the bills.  Are you pretending to care when you really don’t?   Are you going through the motions of a loveless relationship because it would be just too hard to be honest with yourself about your true feelings?

All these examples are when you are  avoiding to face the truth about yourself or a situation, and not  honouring YOU by  being not being true to the essence of your spirit.

“What would love say now?”

By practicing and using this question each and everyday, through every thought and action, you will begin to develop and honest and a fruitful relationship with your soul.

So before you think…consider what will love think now?

Before you speak….consider what would love say now?

Before you act….consider what would love do now?

Above all “Know Thy Self”  The Ancient inscription in the pronaos (forecourt) of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi.

Love & Light



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Hope, Inspiration and Guidance 3 Card Draw



Hope, what does this truly mean ?  You have the ability to want better, and also do better for yourself.  Follow your dreams even though at this moment you feel stuck, run down, ready to give up, tired and hopeless.  By remembering that it is truly just a moment of your perception that you are the prisoner of your own doing.  That right, of your OWN doing, by remembering  that  you are also the Jailer with the key that can set yourself free is what most of us do not focus our attention on.  Just change the way you see the situation.  Feel the wind on your face, feel the pain inside,  feel the hurts, the tears and the fear, feel it all and move on, move on in spite of it all.  You are just stuck in the moment, this moment of pain or fear is caused by you focusing either on the the past or the future, that is what brings on the fear and the pain.  The pain of remembering the past and the fear of the future that is yet to come.  Stop it ! concentrate on the moment of NOW the only legitimate moment.    And chose to be free and live  in the moment of NOW, remember the power of NOW.  Look into the mist see the castle that symbolizes all your hopes and dreams, free yourself take of the blindfold and look to where you want to go and go for it!  Nothing can stop but yourself anything else you think of is just an excuse.



Inspiration, The long and hard road is ahead of you, but you see the path is carved out, many have been by this way and created a way for you.  Sure the burden you bear weighs a ton on your shoulders, but see the blossoms on the branches you carry?  that means that your ideas will bear fruit.  With hard work and perseverance and belief in yourself is the ability you have what it takes to make it.  Keep your eye on the prize, now that you removed your blindfold and the bounds and limitations that you held yourself too.  Now give thanks and be grateful that you are well on your way to achieve your dreams and desires, sure it wont come easy, but nothing that is worth it ever does.




Guidance, your desire/goal is definitely within your reach and capability.  Look to others that have been successful in their efforts.  Battle worn Emperors that have fought hard for what they wanted, looking into the distance we see reasons that were worth  fighting for.    See the beauty and the perfection in the moment, be protective and proud of your new found direction, love or project, and when you need a bit of help don’t be afraid to ask for it don’t forget to call on your Team (Guides and Guardians, Ancestors) too.  Focus you intent, put your self out there.  Great things will happen.

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